Thursday, September 18, 2008

harajuku vs. emo

while traipsing through a downtown mall, i noticed some teeny tiny asian girls, who were half harajuku, half emo. they were harajemo girls. that's patented by me, bitches.

most of us know gwen's muses, and while their look is inspired by the kids of harajuku (yes, it's an actual place), there are so many versions of this "look" that it is difficult to pin it down.

in my research i discovered that there are all kinds of harajuku girls.

sometimes it's that whole neon hello kitty platform boots and weird makeup thing, but some of them slip in a little goth dominatrix meets meth head chic. and a little emo.
so my harajemo still works. watch...that perez is gonna steal it!


  1. That look is called Gothic Lolita, or gothloli. There's a even a magazine devoted to girls and boys who like to dress that way.

  2. this is not "emo" is "visual kei"...
    you can find different styles, eroguro, kuro loli, shiro loli, gothic lolita, sweet loli, ero loli, brolitas, gyaru (rokku gyaru, gal gyaru, hime gyaru), and "harajuku" is not a style, it is a district of Japan.


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