Tuesday, September 16, 2008

is it just me?

i like the classic t.d.h. - tall, dark, and handsome. and there's no shortage of them in h~wood. farrell, reeves, affleck (ben, not casey...blech), cibrian, butler...the list is truly endless.

but then a creature comes along and makes me question myself, especially one that has everyone completely gaga. is something wrong with me, because i just don't see it.

let's just break this down.

the classic tdh obviously has dark hair.

the classic tdh has kissable lips and the dark scruff is a nice bonus.

the classic tdh def. has a fuzzy chest, occasionally peeking out from the shirt.
check and check.

the classic tdh also has dark features like big brown eyes and dark lashes.

so someone please tell me why this freakshow doesn't do a damn thing for me?! am i alone here? is it just me??? personally, i think he looks like someone put his face in a duck press, but clearly left a little of the juice inside.

i'm sure he's a lovely person, but he does not make my pants a little tight, which in the end is probably a huge relief for him anyway.

click to enlargerize zach quinto's puss and tell me i'm wrong!


  1. It may very well have something to do with those ginormous eyebrows he sports.

  2. As you point out, the individual elements are all pretty good. It's the proportions that are disastrously off-base, with the neander-brows overwhelming the pursed little kissy-mouth and the whole thing tapering down into a horse-chin. He looks like a six-year old dressing up as a pornstar, and it's just not working.

  3. What picky betches y'all are. I'd hit it in a second...

  4. He's actually pretty attractive when in motion.

  5. Oh my word, you take this post back. I am totally in luff with this man!!


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