Thursday, September 18, 2008

no rhyme or reason

don't worry.

i feel it, too.

there's is just no rhyme or reason to the lisp. i feel like i'm learning to walk in heels all over again.

by now, if you used to follow shirley heezgay!:champagne for the brain then you have no doubt noticed that there is no manday, ass wednesday, friday's child or sunday best.

well, this is very reflective of the life i'm living right now. stumbling like a foal, learning to walk and find a way. when it comes to blogging, all i know is it is something i feel i need to do. it's such a part of my creative self that when i took that mini-break, i was going bonkers.

i hope that you, dear reader, will bear with me as i stumble along. is it just me?

i'm confident that my writing, my sense of humour and observations will be enough. if not, what the hell else can i bring?

i'ma let you in on a wee secret. during the labour day holiday, poodle and i went to our friend's cottage and for the bazillionth time, someone suggested i should do voice work. rather than assume that meant i was too fat or ugly for tv, i actually began to heed this advice. in the past, i usually fluffed off this suggestion, mainly because i had/have NO idea how to go about doing this.
be on the radio? create a character? holy shit!!!

hell yes i can do this! i created "shirley" for fuck's sakes! and shirley started as sluticia. and then sluticia was sluticia lamour and more and more and more. and then it was sluticia simone. and somehow, shirley was born.

so, i'm going to a voice audition/demo session. i'm going with a friend and i'm going to make this happen. if nothing comes of it, least i did it. i gave up acting years and years and years ago, but performing and entertaining has always been a huge part of who i am.

sometimes, i feel like shirley maclaine in postcards from the edge, where people egg you on to do a little number, and try as i might, no one will take 'no' for an answer. and when it's done, omg when it's done people are laughing and happy. that's what it's always been about. laughter and entertainment.

i seem to be rambling, i know, but i don't care. you're gonna listen to me dammit!

oh, no. wait.
that's all.


  1. OK...
    a) I Heart Shirley MacLaine
    b) I Heart Shirley Heezgay
    c) BREAK A LEG on your audition...
    d) if you need any advice on the whole voice thang... might I recommend you check out my friend John's blog (linked on my blog) called Everything But Poopie (ew I know but...) he's a sweetie and does voice work in the T-dot... drop him a line... tell 'em Kitty sent ya...

  2. Baby, you betta work it tha fuck out.

    I love you, support you, and believe in you!


you better make this good.


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