Sunday, October 12, 2008

Light Meat, Dark Meat or Asian Persuasion?

It's Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you, your friends, families and chosen families!

In Canada, Thanksgiving Day (Action de grĂ¢ce in French), is an annual holiday to give thanks at the close of the harvest season.

According to the wiki, it's believed that the North American tradition of Thanksgiving, was originally a Canadian occassion.

Having said that, there's something very important to convey. I myself will pay no mind to the following words, because as a fattie, it's already too late for me.

Okay, here goes: One mixed drink, One glass of wine, Half a cup of mixed nuts, One ounce of potato or tortilla chips, Three cups salad with diet dressing, Six ounces of white and dark turkey, Half a cup of stuffing, Half a cup of cranberry sauce, Half a cup of mashed potatoes, Half a cup of gravy, Half a cup of candied sweet potatoes, A dinner roll, A pat of butter, A slice of pecan pie, A slice of pumpkin pie, Half a cup of whipped cream, Half a cup of ice cream,
...that comes to 3255 calories. You will need to walk 32.55 miles, 52.5 kilometers, or 65100 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.



  1. i said it last year but it bears repeating

    this is america's holiday

    we have NOTHING else. we only have shame.
    let us have this.
    shit, why do i sound pro-america?

    candaians: PLEASE - i want to move there. someone sponsor me!

  2. two things...

    First, Happy Thanksgiving! :)
    And thank YOU for making my days a little brighter with your posts.

    Secondly, NOW I'M HUNGRY DAMMIT!

    wait, was that three?

  3. OMG. All those calories. I am going to go throw up now to get a head start on that.

  4. gallus: it's good to be at a negative calorie count before the Thanksgiving gorge begins.

    APJ: thanks, honey! and you're welcome!

    JOE: understood. enjoy the holiday. I'll make an official motion to call today Turkey Day until the wrongs have been righted.

    As for sponsorship, you know i'd marry ya in a second if i wasn't already. Hmmm...I do have a single friend that could enjoy the fringe benefits...

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy.

    Mark :-)


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