Friday, October 3, 2008

Under Pressure


When I left work today, I was skipping through the mall, with a funky Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings lyric stuck in my head when I suddenly saw one of my Late 90's/Early 00's Alternate Universe Xes.

The former lead singer of the Canadian band I Mother Earth, Edwin, who later went on to a solo career, then formed the band Edwin & The Pressure and then went back to just Edwin was right in front of me.

At first, I didn't recognize him, but I knew he looked familiar. I thought to myself, "Now that is one handsome hunkasaurus (a rare and nearly extinct breed) right there," but when his girlfriend (which you know, is a real shame 'cause I really thought he had a sweet case of The Gay) called his name, "EDWIN!" I fucking knew immediately.

So I stalked him a little bit. I wanted to say something but I tend to choke in these situashe's, no matter what letter on the list they are.

Especially when it's an Alternate Universe X.

These top 2 pics are from back in the day. Big. Burly. Hairy. Sexy. TOTALLY T.D.H.

Here's a more recent shot from his record label. He's still got the T. and H., but he lost the D. somewhere along the way. Now he's kind of a blondish silverish fox.

And you know something...? That Alternate Universe X just really adored me. Well, I think he would have.

He's not really recording much these days. He's now a bartender at Tattoo Rock Parlour here in Toronto. I hear he whips up a pretty mean Paralyzer.

heh heh....

To Be Continued....

From Another Spin Around The Sun, 1999, Alive


  1. I assume you've found your new favorite drink and where to drink it?


you better make this good.


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