Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Calling All Bloggers

Kids, the time has very nearly arrived! I am in the final decision stages of PC or Mac. I need some honest feedback from those of you have switched from one to the other, and from those of you who have remained tried and true to your system of choice.

I'm currently on a slowly dying (as you know) PC. It has had its time in the sun, but I think it's time to take the old Gateway up to the farm so it can chase rabbits and laze around.

I'm currently looking at the 20" iMac (24" is just decadent, isn't it?). I'm thinking of increasing the memory to 4GB instead of the standard 2GB. Also, bumping up the hard drive to 500GB from the standard 320GB.

Next, we have the iLife and any standard programs vs. the iWork, Aperture, Logic Express, File Maker etc...

Lastly, the Protection Plan. I've always been of the school that most extended warantees aren't necessary if you've got a good product. Sooooooo, Mac users, have you ever had a problem where you wished you had bought the extra AppleCare?

The MobileMe membership doesn't look anything I really need at all. I mean, I'm pretty scattered, but how many programs does one person need to get their shit together, I ask you?


  1. I have the 24-inch iMac, what can I say? I'm a sucker for extravagance. I bought the protection plan, yet never needed it.

    My two laptops are PCs... One is very old, but still works well enough to run the few illegal and no longer available programs I have and the newer one is perfect for web-browsing and blogging.

    I would definitely make the switch to Mac if you're looking for a new main computer. However, having a Windows-based laptop always comes in handy.

  2. I used a Mac for years but got frustrated at the lack of compatible programs that were available. So I bought the very best that Dell could make, with as much memory as possible...and I am thrilled! I wouldn't go back.

    But here's something to keep in mind either way you go...both Mac and Microsoft have new operating systems coming out this year, perhaps in June. You may want to wait so you can have a computer that can run the latest. After all, Kevin deserves the best....right?

  3. I use a PC at work, but at home I'm a Mac guy, thru and thru! And as for compatible programs... shit, there's microsoft for Mac now!

  4. By the way, here's wishing you an awesome new year!

  5. for the love of christ - havent we been through this a hundred times?

    PCs are slow antiquated and middle america (sorry scooter)

    i want to hurt people when i am forced to use a pc. its ugly, and there is no regard for design or the user experience. vile.

    if you get a pc i will never read this blog again

  6. yes, dear, we have been through this a hundred times, but each time something goes wrong, the ex-houseboy does some finagling and bandaids it.

    i'm fresh outta bandaids and i'm done trying to come up with shortcuts. bring on the apple!

  7. mikey: thanks for the info on the applecare program. poodle's work laptop is PC and I guess i can always use it if I needed to. maybe i can do the 24". hmmm....

    scooter: thanks for the feedback. i do deserve the best! i did look at dell but i discovered that the ceo or chairman or whatever donated hundreds of thousands of $$$ to the Republican Party. just food for thought.

    cb: yes, i did learn there are windows programs made for mac. that could resolve using hubby's laptop. you have a greaT new year too!!


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