Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here Comes The Jackpot Question In Advance...

What are you doing
New Year's Eve?

Quiet dinner party?
Just you and a friend ringing in the new year with Veuve and laughter?

Going on a date with your lovah?

Going to your city center and partying intimately with millions of people you don't know and who are likely to pee on you or throw up on your coat?

Big Crazy Party?

Maybe some or all of the above and a little sexy time, too?

Well, whatever you do, do it well, do it right and do it safely.

Karen, Lucy and I will be right here waiting with the porch light on and the toilet freshly scrubbed for all you late night worshippers.


  1. Oddly enuf we ARE going to a club that's not a club. Friends have a house party every year and recently renovated their basement into a club... "Metro Fullum" He's a DJ (DJ Dub) so it WILL be a happening... as it is every year it is every year, and as always we're able to do all the rest at the same time there...

    Happy New Year Shirl!

  2. Each year we go to my Brother-In-Law's New Year's party. A bunch of us get together and eat, drink and play games. Jr. is visiting my parent's, so I plan to get plastered. I may take you up on the toilet offer. HAVE A YUMMY NEAW YEAR!!! LUV YA!!!

  3. We stay in, have some Asti and lots of snacks, and play board games and cards...

    The next day we have MORE Asti (in the form of Mimosas) with a homemade brunch.

    Happy New Year!

  4. kitty: ooh, sounds fun! hope you both have an awesome time! HNY!

    MAC: house parties really are the way to go. have a great time. HNY!

    brandy: even better. staying home and having fun with each other is great. Asti? I'm sure you meant to type M-O-E-T. HNY!

  5. Happy New Year's to you, too!

    We are going to a taping of our favorite radio show, Sez You, which is performing in Seattle this evening!

    Hope 2009 brings you love & laughter!


  6. We're going to a party at a friend's house that I predict will be rather lame and boring. I didn't recognize ANY of the names or email addresses on the e-vite, which is not a good sign. Maybe I'll be lucky and get lucky when we get home?!?!?


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