Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Like Jesus Or Not

So, the blogs are abuzz with this Brazilian fella right here, Jesus Luz. Obviously, we all know that he is supposedly Madonna's current, um, companion.

According to what source you get your information from, Jesus is anywhere from 20 to 25 years old. The latest goss is that he's a "porn star."

Porn Star? Please. He's a male model who appeared in an erotic television show in Brazil. Hell! Even Tony Ward wasn't really a "porn star."

I'm not surprised that gossip sites and magazines are all over this. That's what they do, but why is this "news" to CNN, The Huffington Post and so on? So he's a young, tight, side of beef! Who cares?? Anyone making a big deal about it is just projecting their jealousy, wishing they could bag a young buck like that.

What should really be news is Madonna's luggage! I am totally digging on the Hard Candy luggage tags and I must have them, but I'd expect that the Queen of the Universe would have better luggage than Samsonite!


  1. I believe so...but more like "Hey, Zeus!"

  2. I'm with you... Who gives a shit? The most anyone should be doing is giving her a high-five and saying, go get that purple thing you bought for Guy's birthday and show Hey, Zeus! a great time.

    Yee haw!

  3. Poor Madge. Despite Kabalah and multiple husbands and male companions, she still searches for completeness.


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