Thursday, December 4, 2008

the lisp and Cazwell

**The following post first appeared on All Roads Lead To Gay, and Shirley Heezgay! on August 5th, 2008.

Okay, kids...

Last week, I told y'all to 'watch this space' and the time has finally come.

While I was away at the clinic rehab conference, I received a special email from my super new Interweb BFF, CAZWELL!

Yes, that's right, sexy hubbahubba Cazwell took some time out of his busy day to answer a few Q's.

Favourite club(s) to perform or hang at? family on saturday night. 40 ave c

*Who or what is currently turning you on (musically)?


*Is club culture alive and well or does it need a B12?
its alive and well in london. its gettin better in in nyc but could use a lil push

*You have collaborated with many influential aritsts and personalities. Who are you wanting to work with next?

madonna keeps bugging me. im not picking up the phone when i see her on my caller id.

*Your collaboration with Colton Ford on
That's Me received a lot of attention and great reviews. How was it working with him?
just fine.

*When is your next project dropping?
just yesterday. the single " i seen beyonce at burgerking"

*You've said that you don't like being labelled a "gay rapper," and yet the tag persists...what's it gonna take to shake it?
i'll probably have to kill miley cyrus

Did you know that Toronto's gay radio station (Proud FM 103.9) has you in pretty regular rotation with All Over Your Face? In fact, they played it about an hour ago.
yup i knew that.

*Fans can be a little over the top and get a little excited...have you ever felt someone went too far?
they dont go far enough. i want more underwear thrown at me.
*Fill in the blank: Cazwell likes a man that is ___.
not living with me.

*How was Pride '08 for you? Any highlights?
my show got a bomb threat in dublin.

*Highlight of your day TODAY?

i bought drano for the clog in my tub.

*Is there a phrase or word you think you overuse?

*Who or what gets your ire up these days?
this 21 year old mixed with freckles boy named johnny.

*What about you would surprise the people that know you?
my mom is a famous contortionist from Poland.

*If you could, would you change anything about yourself...?


*Did you
really get your socks on 14th street?

I know, right!? Special thanks to Cazwell, who has a standing invitation to come over for cocktails the next time he's in Toronto.

But ya gotta call first.

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