Sunday, November 30, 2008

Douche of the Week


This is the one and only time this award will be bestowed upon this particular group. Let's face it, they could take it any day of the week, but I'll mention it just this once and we can move on.

Westboro Baptist "Church" are the Douchebags of the Week.

Yes, they picket the funerals of American Soldiers. Yes, they've demonstrated at churches that have allowed civil unions or Goddess forbid, same sex weddings. Yes, they've tried unsuccessfully to come to Canada for some of their twisted rallies (under Canada's Hate Laws, they're not permitted into the country).

Their latest stunt was in a tiny town in Oregon called Silverton, population 2000. You see, the tiny community that you've never heard of voted in Stu Rasmussen as their Mayor. No biggie? Well, Stu happens to be America's first transgendered mayor voted into office.

So the kind and christian folk at WBC decided to head out to Silverton with signs in tow. Well, four of them anyway. Along with their typical "God Hates Fags" signs and standing on the U.S flag (out of deliberate disrespect) were signs saying "Obama is the Anti-Christ" etc, etc, etc.

What I love about this story is that about 150 people from the tiny town of Silverton showed up with their own signs in retaliation and defense of their elected official:

Shit like this gives me hope that we can get past what we think is a lack of progress. We need to unite and fight.

Remember, those folk in California and Arizona and wherever! .... voted on something that just three days before, heard their Preachers and Ministers and Priests and Elders say that they should vote against. Hell! Even Florida finally struck down a clause/law/bullshit that said that gays couldn't adopt! Sidebar: You just know that the swashbuckling crusaders from Westboro will show up in Miami in the next few days.

So there you have it.

WBC. Douchebags of the week.


He might be a little lean (have a peanut butter and brown sugar sandwich!),
Luke McFarlane (from Brothers & Sisters) is totally my A.U.X.

AND...he's homegrown Canadian Grade A fabulousness!


Gay Check

Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey's Of The Year: the lisp Edition

The Notorious J*O*E* has recruited some blogfolk to syndicate and spread his buttcheeks Turkeys Of The Year.

After reviewing last years birds, I had to really think long and hard on this. Who would I nominate for Turkey '08? So many choices.

I wanted to stay away from the obvious. Republicans are such easy targets and they're SO five minutes ago. Besides, they've already stuffed their heads up their butts so there's probably not room for bread and chestnuts, too.

Here, in no particular order, is the lisp edition of Joe's Turkey's '08:

"Millions of
People Struggle With Addiction. Most Need Help to Stop."

Right out of the gate, is Amy Winehouse. I am done with her bullshit. Finished. I've had my own intervention and I've delivered my conditions. She hasn't met them and I can no longer give her any money.

The whole time that Blake Incarcerated has been locked away has been a grueling ordeal--for me! That whole baby mice/babyshambles youtube thing was just far too fucked for me.

"Here's The Story, Of A Man Named Groban."

Josh Groban's performance at the Emmy's was one of the biggest turkeys of the year. It was painful and I was just plain embarrassed for him. A medley of television theme songs? No. Just, no.

I'm not a huge fan at all (although this is a nice pic of him and I hear he's packing) I respect that he can sing. But that was just a horrid example of a bad choice.


"I Sick."

Instead of canceling her crappy Rockwitchu Tour, Janet chose to call in sick. A lot.

You know, if she was my employee, she'd be put on a Performance Improvement Plan for attendance, but that's just me.

Janet was actually hospitalized by her undisclosed "mystery illness" in Montréal, which if I'm not mistaken, was the first of many "suddenly ill" moments.

Meanwhile, during the tour, news broke that LL Cool J had to leave due to "scheduling conflicts" and that Janet "left" her label. Now, we're hearing that she's "taking time off" to start a family.

Oh, and you don't really need me to comment on the horrendous outfit, right? Right.

"Who, Dear? Me, Dear? Gay, Dear? No, Dear."

Yes, I'm saying it. Anderson is a turkey. Just come out already! Instead of runnin' around the jungle handling Jeff Corwin's "anaconda," get all up in there and admit you're a shirt lifter! Damn!

I still think he's a total silver fox, but I'm grouchy. So there.

"Sorry Seems To Be The Easiest Word."

George gets caught again and apologizes again. For God's Sakes! Rent out Hyde Park and do it in private! Even Elton John, the world's biggest Gay, doesn't get caught! Smarten up already!

"I Am...Gonna Barf."

Finally, we have the "Sashafication" of Beyoncé. Yes, I like that "put a ring on it" shite, and there are actually some okay tracks on her newest CD. I'm just not about to flame out and learn the dance, like so many of The Gays have done.

It's just that I'm so fucking tired of her bullshit.

  • Srsly? Sasha Fierce? That's a fucking drag name--and not a good one either!
  • Every movie she does involves singing. Not acting.
  • Dereon.
  • The whole not acknowledging Jay-Z has gone from stupid to fucked up. Up until a week ago, she didn't even admit she was married. It took fucking Oprah Winfrey to suss it out of her, and even then she was all, "gurrrrrl, I already said too much!"
  • The hair. Wigs, whatever. It's about that shit flying all over the place and whipping it back and forth and having your invisible wind machine with you where ever you go. E-nuff. Snapping your ponytail isn't dancing. And it is tuuuuurrred.
Ahhhhhhh. I feel good. Getting all that off my chest feels good. By the way have you seen THIS? Go to 3:35 right away. It doesn't make him a turkey, but it is damn funny.

And there you have my Turkey's '08. They won't be as sassy as J*O*E*'s, but then nothing is.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mission: Madonna

Jay Leno continues to astound me with his slimy, sneaky homophobia. Having said that, Ross the Intern is the only nelly queen I think I could stand to be around for any extended period of time. He is so hysterical!

I snagged this video of Ross' Mission:Madonna from Matt at boyculture. So funny!

Monday, November 10, 2008



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday's Child... full of grace.

And he wants you to VOTE


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