Sunday, February 22, 2009

What A Dump!

Can I just tell you, I've been cleaning up all kinds of music files. They were everywhere. Some tracks had their own file; some listed under "compilation" when I didn't originally file them that way; some are tucked into other artists files; some are duplicate or even triplicate files.

I thought I'd start with my Madonna files. I know, you'd think if anyone was organized properly it would be her, but no. I spent the last 2 hours sorting out those files. I thought I was done and then I found another 11 files. One that has 112 items.

Give me strength. There must be an easier way!


  1. I use Duplicate Cleaner 1.3 (you can find it at - it works really well for me. Just a sug.

  2. I was going to suggest that very thing! I had a mess of music files myself. Drove me nuts! All those classical pieces have such ridiculously long names and I finally just gave up. Thank Someone's God that someone wrote such a beautiful program!


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