Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holy Moley!

What a schizo night!!!

This was not a shock:
This was a really big shock:

Adam? Bottom two? The only thing right about that is "bottom." That's either America saying, "enough with the screaming already," or just plain old homophobia.


What I really want to talk about is the hellacious performances by the musical guests!! What the--?

Taylor Hicks really is a blip on the Idol map, isn't he? That was a pretty shady season to begin with. That was the year of the Pickler, Bucky Covington, Chicken Little and the bible thumping anti-diva Mandisa. Chris Daughtry was also there that year, but ...meh. It came down to Taylor and Katherine McPhee. To quote Meryl Streep: "These are my choices?"

He really pulled out all the stops with his 4 minutes tonight. Weird dancing, weirder faces, and that fucking harmonica. Soul Patrol? What about the Damned Soul Patrol?

Jamie Foxx. Right. A CD and single that I've never heard of. A movie that I am not going to see with millions of people -- I think calling it The Soloist condemned it right out of the gate. And he used a vocoder. For a second, I thought they brought Kanye back to give it another go. I would rather have seen that.

The really big shock of the night goes to seeing Ms. Natalie Cole. I was about to go off on her for her rant about Amy Winehouse being "rewarded for being an addict" and then showing up tonight looking all Whitney-ed out...but then I remembered that Natalie, bless her heart, was diagnosed with Hep C last summer. I actually really like Natalie, and she did sound nice. Nice in that, I'm an aging crooner so my voice is off a bit, like Tony Bennet or Liza.

But holy moley about Adam!


  1. I missed last night' show, so I appreciate this summary.

    Re: Adam in the bottom two, remember that Fantasia was in the bottom two also, but won the competition.

    I saw Natalie Cole in concert 2 years ago and thought she sounded as good as ever. So sad that she's dealing with the Hep C thing now.

  2. i'd bet dollars to dildos it was set up like that.

    so. fixed.

  3. Get on the phone next week and vote for our (bottom) boy. Otherwise, the only reason to keep watching this thing is to heckle Gorky.


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