Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pack Of Rats

It was Rat Pack night on Idol, so you know what that means: the show was destined to be dull. No! I'm kidding. Actually, this is one of my favourite eras of music. The crooners to the torch singers, Ella to Blossom and back, which makes me particularly judgmental tonight.

Sorry. It can't be helped.

To start: Jamie Foxx. Why?

Kris started off the night with The Way You Look Tonight, so that was a bad sign.

Look, I dig Chris like an archaeology mission but he could not have chosen a more rom-com appropriate song.

Oh no wait...he could have sung It Had To Be You.

Verdict: Safe, but not for long.

Allison's dress dragged her out to sing Someone To Watch Over Me, a huge favourite of mine.

I love her gravelly voice against such a soft, tender song, but her ability to be consistent week after week is starting to get a little predictable and kind of dull.

I think Simon might be right; she may not want it enough.

Verdict: Bottom two, but safe.

Matt. My Funny Valentine. Another choice song from this amazing

Unfortunately for Matt, it only got good when he hauled his butt of the stool. How can you sing such a sexytime song like My Funny Valentine while sitting on a stool like you're at a diner!? Answer: you can't.

Verdict: Bottom two, and going home.

Danny Gokey and his version of Come Rain Or Come Shine was definitely a highlight.

He put his blue eyed soul stink all over the end of it and that was pretty risky (IMO), but I think he pulled it off.

Verdict: Safe

Adam. Lambert.

Feelin' Good.

Almost awesome, except for the 52 second screech with his tongue hanging out.

Verdict: Horrible styling tonight, but safe.

The whole tongue thing had me take a look back....

The Screeching Tongue


  1. I don't understand the tongue thing.

    When I'm going for one of my melismatic singing moments, I never do that.

  2. I avoid reading the AI recaps until I complete mine. It seems as if you and I are on the same page. I think my complete and utter lust for Kris may be clouding my judgement. Let the Adam backlash begin!!!

  3. I agree with you! And, just between you and me, Matt prolly should be the next to go home even if he'd done better last night.

  4. Adam worked those stairs and I loved it. Until the tongue.

    I want to adopt Kris and put him in little pajamas.

  5. S: i believe that. i didn't even see your tongue while we were talking! ;)

    Mac: adam in the bottom 2 is totally a set up.

    mark: thine wish is granted

    lb: you crack me up!Seeing that Seacrest is actually taller than Kris, they would have to be "little pajamas."


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