Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quote Of The Day

"Monroe was not supposed to be gay, but it's sort of like how Oprah's black. You just can't fool the public, butch as I tried to be."
~Jim J Bullock about his role on Too Close For Comfort


  1. Marilyn Monroe was gay? ;]

  2. Monroe was Jim trying to be butch?

  3. ::snicker::



  4. Here's a precious little story for you. In my 20s when I was still pretending to be straight, I visited some friends in CA for my vacation. They told me over and over again how much I reminded them of this TV character named Monroe. Half way through the week they just started calling me Monroe instead of Mark. I'd never seen the TV show they were talking about so I had no idea what they meant.

    Years later I saw the show, and was NOT happy.

  5. Oh yeah, I remember. What show was he on, but boy oh boy, flaming!

  6. bob: you so crazy

    mikey: can you imagine 'flaming?'

    lisa: teehee

    mark: bless your heart! ;)

    truth: too close for comfort, girl!

    predo: right up there with the shock of a gay clay aiken.


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