Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI8 ~ Results

Sorry, Danny.

So, there you have it. Adam and Kris. Kris and Adam in the final two.It's too bad because I thought it might be nice to see the battle of the adorKables.

And I don't for a second buy those tabloid stories about these final two being at odds with each other. For cryin' in the sink, Kris was wearing nail polish! If I didn't know better, I'd say that after these two finish celebrating with their families, they'll had back to the manse and have a little Idol-off of their own. KnowwhatImean??

kris allen smack that

Oh, I mustn't forget....Jordin Sparks looked like a drag queen and I'm 86% certain that Katy Perry is "special needs."


  1. How much you wanna bet those two are *still* sharing a room back in the manse? I'd hate to be the one washing their sheets...

  2. You couldn't pay me enough to sleep with Adam.

    Kris on the other hand...

  3. I wonder how much 'looks' had to do with Kris beating Danny.

    Katy Perry's performance was practically unwatchable.


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