Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Pride season is quickly approaching!

If you're planning on coming to Toronto Pride (June 19-28) you better have your reservations in place. Most hotels are booked up and Poodle and I are planning on charging a fortune for the spare rooms. SRSLY.

The theme of Pride this year is Can't Stop. Won't Stop. I think it's such a perfect message and keeps the momentum of all the progress that we've seen in the last year, despite the mind-boggling results of Prop 8.

And now, blogs are buzzing that The Supreme Court of California is expected to hand down it's ruling on Proposition 8 tomorrow. Not sure what to make of the rumours that San Fran and San Diego police departments have been notified in advance and that barricades are ready to be set up.

In any case, Pride Toronto has set up a petition for all Canadians to show their support for our American brothers and sisters. So, to all my CANADIAN readers, please!! click the pic and show your love.

Towleroad has learned that there will be no ruling on Prop 8 tomorrow. Click here...

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