Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Of Decision: Proposition 8

Okay, bloggers. Tomorrow is an incredibly important day for the equality of gays and lesbians everywhere.

The California Supreme Court will announce its decision on Proposition 8 Tuesday, May 26th. If it follows past practice, the court will make its announcement at about 10 AM Pacific Time (1 PM, Eastern / 12 noon Central).

Arrangements are being made all over the U.S., Canada and various cities across the globe, to either celebrate or protest the decision of the California Supreme Court.

You can get more information and check details for your city by clicking HERE.


  1. I have a terrible feeling this is not going to turn out well.

  2. I know Mark, I feel the same way but I hope the courts in CA see their way fit to invalidate Prop 8.

  3. Throw that negative energy out of the window. Postive thoughts folks!

    Why would they overturn something they voteed FOR a year ago.

  4. I think APJ/Powell raises a good point. While I am a bit trepidatious, they are the ones who ruled against the bigots the first time.

  5. Prop 8 will be shot down. With the recent pro gay marriage rulings in similar states I feel that the momentum will carry over to CA.

    This is the changing face of the country, for better or worse.


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