Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dress You Up

Recessionista: noun; an individual who can create, in the midst of a recession, a high fashion look with little expense.

Basically, the recessionista has to be smart with their money and be clever and creative with their choices. Unfortunately, Deena Pantilone has done a very stupid thing, by pretending to be clever and creative.
In a new on-line article at Toronto Life --a bible of what, who and where for Toronto's social butterflies-- the Toronto developer was given a "best-dressed of the week" nod for this little number.

From the article:

Who designed your dress?
Well, me, sort of. It’s a really old vintage dress I’ve had lying around the house for years. My cousin is a stylist in New York, so she helped me decide how to alter it, and then I just took it into one of those tiny mom-and-pop seamstress shops on Queen West.

Eight hours later, the masses went insane.

The first comment on the post goes like this:

Speaking of wearing the same dress. I have this dress. The exact same dress, down to the colour and every last detail of stitching. Its neon red and amazing. Although it looks vintage, its not. FYI hunny, ‘you’ didnt design this dress, at all. They didnt make neon red cocktail dresses in the 50’s. The “tiny mom-and-pop seamstress [shop] on Queen West”, is in fact a fabulous dress boutique called Champagne and Cupcakes. I think credit should be given where credit is due."

And soon, the actual designer had a word or two:

"I am EXTREMELY disappointed that you are claiming that you, “sort of” designed the dress and had it “altered at a seamstress shop on Queen.”


I’m not sure what you are trying to prove, but you did not “sort of” design the dress. I, PERSONALLY designed AND made that dress. All I must say is WOWEE…talk about trying to steal credit. You should be ashamed of yourself.

And FYI, Champagne & Cupcakes is NOT a “seamstress shop”, as I am NOT a seamstress. I am a designer. Champagne & Cupcakes is a local dress boutique which sells dresses designed and made by myself."

I fucking love it!

I'm not sure how Deena thought people wouldn't find out. Using her logic, I can go around saying that I got some old lady to stitch together a messenger bag that happens to look JUST like a Renzo Graphite bag!


  1. How fun to see the fur flying, and over such a fugly dress.

  2. Money may buy a college degree, but it doesn't buy you smarts.


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