Monday, May 25, 2009

Filled With Glee

If you don't love GLEE, then there's something wrong with you. It buries HSM with gay sensibility and is filled with good old fucking fashioned fun.

It helps that there are actual Broadway actors in the cast. And Jane Lynch who I can't live without.

There's only one thing I don't like about Glee: it's on the FOX network. Great show + advertising = FOX Win. Arrrgh!

Below are some spots that can help enhance your love of Glee.

♪♫You're Welcome!♫♪

Don't Stop Believin'


Episode 1: Pilot


  1. have to see this. love jane lynch!and shes a chicago girl!! bonus points!

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed 'Glee'. I just don't understand why they showed us the premier in May for a show that won't come on until the fall. It will be worth the wait though.

  3. This was just one of my high points last week. What a GREAT show! The downside- that it was only that episode. I dont want to wait that long for another one... HIT HIT HIT!

  4. Those bastards at the networks are smart, but irritating as hell. NBC/SCIFI did it to us with BSG. You are teased and then you HAVE to watch, with the anticipation driving you nuts that you won't miss the premiere. Of course, it can backfire.

    I must agree about Jane Lynch. She is a goddess.


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