Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Hot" Is Very Subjective, Clearly!

AfterElton released their Hot 100 list for 2009 and since this list is chosen by vous and not the folks at the site, I just need to know from those of you who voted....what are you thinking?

Some, absolutely. Some are just meh. Some, I have no idea who they are or barely care. Here are the top ten Hot guys...and of course, my not-asked-for opinion (in pink):
  1. NPH - I like NPH as much as the next guy, but number one?? No, sorry. Besides, I don't want to do him...I just want to hang out with him.
  2. John Barrowman - Cute but, meh.
  3. Luke McFarlane - Totally adorKable!
  4. Jake G - Understood, but what has he done for me lately?
  5. Jensen Ackles - Who?
  6. Chris Evans - Classic.
  7. Cheyenne Jackson - Kinda cheesy smile, but those legs are hubba hubba!
  8. Hugh Jackman - Well, of course!
  9. Gale Harold - No.
  10. James Franco - Understood, but not for me. He looks like the long lost twin of one of my best friends. So that's just...ew.
Rounding out the top 20 :Zac Efron, Jared Padalecki, Anderson Cooper, Gareth David-Lloyd, Matthew Mitcham, Adam Lambert, Jo Weil, Brad Pitt, Thöre Scholermann, Van Hansis.

Anderson, yes. Zef? Maybe. Adam Lambert? No, no, no, no. His drapes don't match the carpet and the carpet is RED.

The following mens made the list somewhere, but TOTALLY should have been in the top 10.

What truly amazes me? Not a single porn star to be seen!

To see the complete list, CLICK HERE.


  1. Doogie Fucking Howser?!

    yea, I won't bother checking the rest of the list.

  2. I prefer you list MUCH more.

  3. personally, i wouldnt fuck anyone in that top 10 with YOUR dick.

    my gerry b deserves better.

  4. Kitty: i don't blame you

    raven: i thought you might.

    joe: indeed, my friend, indeed. but kindly leave my cash and prizes out of it.

  5. no porn stars? thats so not right...

  6. The hottest men: James Marsden, Matthew Mitcham, Christoph Haese and Cristiano Ronaldo!


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