Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'll Create A Look That's Made For You

Madonna showed up at the Met Costume gala wearing a Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton hot mess. Her face was flawless, but that outfit....it's a little too Judy Jetson for me.

Actually, it's a little too GaGa for me. She did just go to the PokerFace's show in NYC the other night. Still, as I mentioned on another thingy, I don't want my Madonna to dress like anyone else but herself. Unless this is a big joke on Lady KaKa and her ridiculous outfits.

Either that or she's contractually bound by LV. Regardless of the reasons, you too can own the turquoise bunny scrunchie! It's the latest thing. J*O*E* suggested that it should replace the Aretha Inaugaration hat, and I tend to agree.

Here's yours.

And here's mine!

I chose to keep the blond knot as an homage to The Queen. Feel free to adjust yours accordingly.


  1. AWWWW! You look adorable!!!

  2. YES! we can do this! spread it like herpes!!!!

  3. Hello, Handsome! What's that turquoise boomerang doing on your pretty little head?

  4. I did mine...come on over an check it out.

  5. Did she lose a bet? That Marc Jacobs must be one hell of a poker player.

  6. There is something horny about that...


you better make this good.


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