Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Final Thought On Prop 8

My heart is hurt at today's California ruling.

With all due respect to the people that think rallying in the streets and "taking the city hostage" is a kind of terrorism, I think the idea of inequality and the prospect of revocation of my civil rights is far more frightening than a fucking traffic jam.

I received two emails today; one from someone who lives in a place that has marriage equality and one who does not.

There were two things about them that were the same: why do I persist in being vocal about marriage equality in the U.S., and that I'm running a small blog.

Reader #1 thinks that I should just sit down and shut up. My "tiny voice on this tiny blog" won't make "a lick of difference to homos in a country that don't really care about what (I) think."

Reader #2 is curious as to why I am so vocal, but also hopes that "a Canadian's little ol' blog might inspire something in someone."


Q: Why do I care?
A: Because acceptance, hate, equality, homophobia and progress aren't exclusive to any one fucking country. A group of people had the power to either allow or revoke the civil rights of members of my community. I shouldn't be concerned about that??

Look, sitting down quietly isn't going to get anyone anywhere. Being quiet and polite and rolling over only wins you tolerance. Appealing to a higher power than the courts; using our wallets; taking to the streets -- and yes, even blocking them-- are ways this generation can throw their "first punch" towards acceptance.

Imagine if everyone on that June evening back in 1969 allowed themselves to continue to be terrorized by the police? As far as I'm concerned, "they" started it; we have to finish it.

This whole world believes in this new American President, and it's too soon to count him out. Yes, he's moving WAY to slow on repealing DADT; yes, he appears to have forgotten our gay brothers and sisters among the confetti of election day.

If nothing else, we must all keep believing in the message of "Yes We Can." And if it turns out that we, as a community, have to make change happen in one homophobic, unaccepting, oppressive place at a time, then so be it.

As for this being a "small blog" ... screw you.



  1. It's no wonder we are still fighting for equality when we turn on our own!

    Your first answer is absolutly spot-on. I sit here in Iowa, a state where the IA Supreme Court unanimously overturned the ban on same-sex marriage and I know we'll be facing a similar ballot measure in the future, and I appreciate any and all supportive people, regardless of their geographical loaction. Hate knows no borders.

    The first reader is incorrect, because, I as an American, care what you think, and I see from your followers, I am far from the only American.

    And the second reader, pfft!

    I say to both of them, in the words of my beloved grandmother: "Go piss up a rope!"

  2. Here Here !!

    Go the lil blog !

    "The smallest whisper can sometimes be heard over the loudest voice"

  3. It's not the size of the blog, it's what you do with it that counts!

    Keep talking and blogging.

  4. Nothin's small here, babe, especially that dj's ass. Thanks for the bitchery...er, commentary.

  5. Amen! Your support of your neighbors to the south is appreciated.

    We must remember that while our president hasn't done anything YET about DADT, he has been working hard for the last 4 months since he took office to try and keep our economy from collapsing. In other words, he's been kinda busy with some important stuff. Let's give him some time before we abandon him.

  6. A tiny blog is a part of a cumulative voice that speaks what we all are thinking. If they don't like it, they can go troll for Andy Cooper porn.

  7. Kevin Honey

    You Go Girl!!!!!!


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