Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I Know For Sure

If given the opportunity, Marc Anthony will suck out your lifeforce.

For me, Eminem's comeback is more of a coming out. MTF bull dyke. Congratulations!

Not only does Nicole Schbazzaburger not look at the other PCD anymore, she doesn't even want to touch them. This pussy cat wants to be free.

You are supposed to get dressed for a meal.

Get duct tape out of the ghettos now! Get duct tape out of the ghettos now!
Oh, the humanity!


  1. Dear lord! Marc Anthony does look like a demon! I used to think he was cute. Obviously, I needed stronger glasses.

    Eminem - I've seen much cuter butch lesbo's.

    And that last pic - WTF? Why would anyone dress that way on purpose?


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