Saturday, May 23, 2009

Things I Know For Sure

Kajagoogoo are reuniting. Somehow they think they will last longer than the eight months they were together in the 80's. Unfortunately, they're all so old now, I'm only 50% sure that Limahl is the one in the middle.

A cigarette is not a toy!
It's an accessory, a prop or a sex aid, but it is not a toy.

"Hooray, no spam here!" really pisses me off. Gmail had nothing to do with that. I know THAT's for true!

Sometimes, being an asshole is kinda funny.

People who live alone in the forest usually get up to no good.
(courtesy of J*O*E*)


  1. NO GOOD? that game is a TON of shoudl see the cock ring game!

  2. i'll bet, but i'm tired of all those empty promises! ;)


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