Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome! Won't You Please Sit Down?

I've just been doing a spot of Hoovering for our newest guest, Michael Rivers, aka Follower 45.

In addition to this achievement, he's also an almost famous writer living in Minneapolis.

Welcome! Make yourself comfortable but don't touch that table -- I just dusted it.


  1. Welcome # 45 - but I have to say - I totally agree about people touching the table JUST after dusting - drives me crazy!

  2. oh are losing me with these welcomes. its too much to keep up with. i mean....really

  3. Love the photo of Michael with munchkin Margaret Pellegrini.

    When you've finished Hoovering, may I borrow your crevice attachment?

  4. It's great to be here! Such a warm and welcoming blog. And I must say, very clean. I couldn't find a speck of dust!


you better make this good.


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