Monday, June 29, 2009

Coop : Baby Got Back!

While everyone is getting all excited about seeing the "Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend" pic (aka the Proof The Silver Fox Is Cheating On Me pic), I think it's essential to point out something that y'all may have missed.

It's a small oversight, but understandable with such a beautiful gun show on display.

Allow me to manipulate the image slightly so you can see what I see:

That's right....Coop's giving the "side-eye" to Becky's butt. Never mind the big muscled brute with the matching polo shirt -- you can just hear his thoughts:



  1. Are you sure he doesn't just want her handbag?

  2. He's probably thinking that she needs a gay friend to tell her to never wear those boots again.

  3. His "special friend" is much HOTTER!


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