Friday, July 31, 2009

Blike Incahcerated

I know that we're all about 99% done with Ms. Winehouse. Unless she comes out with something fucking phenomenal, I think it might be fair to say that she's not likely to collect very many "pink dollars."

While skulking around the blogsophere, I made one of my very regular stops at Misster Kitty's, who is quite gifted at poking fun at Ms. Winehouse with his cockamAMY posts. On this trip, Kitty posted a s000 very perfect Ms. Amy WineHORSE, that looked an awful like the real thing.

What struck me as funny was my word verification (GD, I hate those!), which I happened to get a screen grab of:

Get it!?

No? Just me then? Fine.


  1. I only wish I could take credit for the image... I just stumbled across that one.

    As for Blike... screw him! Miss Amy is a free bitch now!

  2. I will admit my ignorance, lack of worldliness and ask you to explain it to me.

    BTW - Was that her original nose?

  3. kitty: i just hope that means that something FREAKING brilliant is on the way.

    pb: when Amy won her grammy she thanked her husband, but with her accent it sounded like Blike. Since she was also loaded at the time, she tossed in Incarcerated which was supposed to remind everyone he was in jail, but it sounded like his last name instead.


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