Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breakfast At Susan's?

I will admit, I am eager to hear Ms. Boyle's upcoming CD due out this fall.

Am I alone here?

Susan is the decade's best sow's ear/silk purse story and despite her ups (global love) and downs (vacationing at The Priory), she has maintained my interest.

What I am glad to see is that the whirlwind surrounding her has calmed quickly enough to keep us "fascinated with," as opposed to "finished with."

That shy and endearingly awkward woman's I Dreamed A Dream audition that we all first saw, lo, not even four months ago, has garnered over 100 million hits on 20 different sites. I still get goosebumps watching it!


  1. To quote Stevie Nicks "I Can't Wait I Can't wait"

  2. Well, I'm quite done with her actually. I am ready for the next 15 second fame person.

  3. I've very excited for it too. Like you, the youtube clip still gives me gooesebumps.


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