Friday, July 31, 2009

Look At Me! Look At Me! Look At Me! Look At Me!

Alexandra Billings is one of my favourite entertainers in the world. She is absolutely hysterical, whether she is being "Alex" or if she's being Katie, as she is in this video. Please enjoy, and then visit her youtube channel. You'll be thanking me later.


  1. So glad you love Alex as much as I do.

    By the by, have I always been Not Safe For Work? God, I love that I'm Not Safe For Work. Who the Hell wants to be Safe For Work?!? :)

  2. I love this clip. Stephen deserves some sort of national recognition for bringing it to my attention on FB.

  3. stephen: LOL! no, the nsfw tag is recent...i slapped it on the links that show even bare booties. just doing my best to be a good blogging citizen.

    hobbit: i think an actual day off is in order.

  4. That was funny. I’m thanking you now rather than later.


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