Saturday, September 26, 2009


Once again, I have a Steve in Atlanta post, inspired by one of his emails. In fact, Steve has given me so many ideas, I've decided to give him his own tag! Cheers, baby!

I will start by saying that I love gadgets. Kitchen gadgets. I also love kitsch, but I don't own a lot of it. If you can combine the two, then I'm as happy as fat kid in a tub full of Skittles.

These look like a lot of fun and would come in handy for some great themed cocktail parties!

These Shooter cubes look pretty great, especially if you're feasting on mussels and doing shots of Vodka. Just be sure to drink before your glass melts. You don't want to waste good voddy.

Available here.

The "Bone Chillers" look fun for a Halloween party. Imagine a big bowl of Toxic Punch with Skull & Crossbones floating in the brew! Fun!

Available here.

A birthday party seems like the perfect occasion for false teeth ice cubes.

Available here.

Gin and Titonic (I fucking love that!) are perfect, especially when you get some of those jewels that old bat dropped into the ocean.

Titonic Cubes available here.

Jewels available here.

My favourite, by far, are the AK Frozen Bullets. They look sexy, modern and are perfect for the "killer cocktail" that Poodle mixes you.

Trust me.

Available here.


  1. Unfortunately, the shapes melt rather quickly so you don't know what they are/were.

    My ex has a thing for those icecube trays. I thought they were a waste of money.

  2. The frozen denture ice cubes are a nice touch. The bullets - I wonder if they'd stand up in an actual gun...?

  3. Gin and Titonic. Fucking genius! I LOVE IT!


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