Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Custom Goes Crazy

Of all the luxury brands out there, few have the provenance or the fabulousness of Louis Vuitton.

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been one of the most legendary houses of fashion in the world. Since LV only sells its products through its own retail stores and small boutiques in high-end department stores, you can be sure that if you're buying your LV anywhere else, it's fake.

I could delve into the history of this world recognized brand, but you could just as easily explore it on the Wiki.

One of the things that sets LV apart from it's luxury competitors is it's custom and special order business. There is almost nothing that can't be personalized to your every whim.

Poodle has always had the dream of getting an LV steamer trunk and transforming it into a coffee table. I kind of like this floating trunk wall with the LV wall treatment.

Take a look at some actual custom-made, one-of-a-kinds, directly from the Louis Vuitton website.
Click to enlargerize!!

...and there's the following...

Chopsticks and Mah Jong, with cases. LV knows their demographics.

The LV skateboard and case was created to celebrate the Stephen Sprouse collaboration. On the right, a chainsaw. Heck, if Gucci can make one...

Louis Vuitton teamed up with Lexus and created custom luggage in Graphite, designed specifically for the Lexus Essence. On the right, Karl Lagerfeld's infamous custom made case for his 20 iPods.

Which is fake? André Leon Talley's LV tennis towel, or this Mexican hacienda?

I'm pretty sure the band-aids and garbage bags are fake....

...but a Louis Vuitton jockstrap, while not very practical (think of chafing) would be very cool!


  1. Eeek! A.L.T.!

    At least he's not wearing an oversized caftan for a change.

  2. Am I the ONLY homo that hates LV?

    Serioulsy...that shit brown background and the lame graphic looks so old-fashioned & boring.

    Kevin, please don't stop loving me over this...smooches!

  3. a weakness of mines for sure--LV....


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