Friday, November 20, 2009

Gay Cheque, Special Edition, Never-Before-Seen, World Exclusive: Does A Bear Market Cruise In The Woods?

Today's Gay Cheque is something fucking special. Truly.

My all time favourite photographer, Joe Oppedisano, sent me these shots taken during the Bears & Bikers weekend in Asbury Park. Yes, that's right. He sent them personally.

The word "Icon" is tossed about far too liberally. I mean, Levi J. is cute an all, but calling him a "gay icon" is a bit much. Joe Oppedisano is definitely an icon! The man has created some of the most inspiring, erotic, and iconic images. Unlike most photographers, you can usually spot an Oppedisano image.

Please enjoy this super special Gay Cheque with exclusive future iconic gay images!
Oh, and the current banner also features an exclusive Joe Oppedisano shot!

UPDATE: I've posted said banner at the end of this post.

I know, right!? I could wet myself!

Thank you, Joe!!!


  1. I think I could too.....but then, I'm in traction.

  2. That first picture. Lordy. I think I need a minute to collect myself. Good morning to Raven!

  3. Wow! These are absolutely beautiful. I think I did just wet myself! :)

  4. It's awfully moist in here today.

    *slips in mysterious fluid*

  5. Wow, you certainly do have the hook-up for some great original, never-before-seen hotness! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. DAMN! Get me some gator-ade cause after looking at these, I am dehydrated... but in a very satisfying way... ;-)

  7. How in the fuck do you know JOE?? I have his Testosterone book BTW.


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