Friday, November 13, 2009

Nobody's Perfect

I never watch The View and the only time I ever see it, is when one of these squawking hens does something youtube-worthy.

Carrie "What's A Morals Clause?" Prejean was on The Hen's Nest earlier this week whining promoting her new book, which of course she wouldn't have if it wasn't for the fact that she's part of a hateful fascist movement. Kind of like The V.

During the interview, Whoopi (who I used to adore but now only just like) was trying to ask a question regarding Carrie's "sex tape" and Christianity. Carrie whipped out her The Christian's Tried And True Responses To Criticism handbook and dropped rebuttal #1: "Christians aren't perfect."

And this is where we stop.

Ms. Prejean, I know that. Whoopi knows that. Even that blind republican baby-makin' bitch knows that. We ALLLLLLLL know that. You "Christians" prove it over and over and over and...oh, okay one more...over again! And yet, right up until you all get caught doing something rather un-Christianly, you all behave and speak and believe that you are, in fact, quite perfect.

You might actually find that the criticism and Intolerance some of you feel is identical to the intolerance we experience from all your sorry asses. Well, maybe not identical. Our "imperfections" don't eradicate your civil liberties or violate your human rights or inspire violence in the minds of the ignorant and insolent. Maybe, just maybe, if you didn't look at the world as perfect vs imperfect, we might actually all get along a little better.

But understand that the thousands of dollars are donated to pass Prop 8; or half a million dollars doled out to defeat marriage equality in Maine; or threats to eliminate social programs Washington D.C. for allowing marriage equality; or the declaration that LGBT are not welcome at the Vatican, it makes that flimsy and pathetic excuse of "Christians aren't' perfect" completely, and perfectly, unnecessary.


  1. Great comments... I totally agree.

  2. Preach it!

    "Even that blind republican baby-makin' bitch knows that"---LOVE that line!

  3. Don't get me started on that Republican bitch OR Star Jones...wherever she is now.

  4. I completely agree with you. I spent years of my life, growing up with people like her. I'm tired of people who are quick to excuse their selfish 'mistakes' as moments of imperfection.

    I can't stand her!

  5. But... but.... Carrie Prejean is a Christian with a cunt of gold!


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