Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh Yeah, That's Levi

totes snagged from London Calling, Luv.


  1. I heard he's not going the full-monty now, DAMMIT!

  2. I have a feeling there is a plan involved with him not showing "everything." Now another magazine or DVD company can come along and offer him 10 times the money to give the money shot! Smart boy!!

  3. There is just something doughy and uninteresting about him. I've stepped over better and not even looked back. As all those young kids say, "meh".

  4. Look...I think that Levi Johnson is one SEXY guy! I would love to have just one day with him! Sure, he may not have the most amazing body in the world, but I could stare at that beautiful face for a LONG time! haha

  5. I keep hoping he will become a hairdresser who does gay porn on the side.


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