Thursday, November 26, 2009

Random Thoughts And Things I Know For Sure

So I've been gone for what? five days. A whole lotta shizz has gone down since the TechGods forced me to sign off. Here's some stuff I've been thinking about:

Don't shave/shape a treasure trail. As it grows out, it looks dumb. Really dumb. Either you have one or you don't. Look at it this way; if you're hirsute, but you don't have the TT, you're hotter for it. Trust.

I was over this before it even began.
Look...Adam may have gotten "carried away," but come on! Madonna, Britney, Prince, Christina, Kim, Michael and so so so many others have gotten away with so much more. I'm a little fed up. Oh, and this isn't in support of Adam Lambert, it's in support of gay equality.

No one is going to pay $15, 000 for a liter of human fat!

However, I'd be willing to shuck a liter for a paltry 5 G's. The only stipulation is that you can't kill me dead. How else can I keep harvesting all that fat for all that Peruvian skin cream!?
True or False: I think the shape of a man's bent knee is totally hot?


I used to have these exact same BR underpants. I say "used to" because as soon as I saw this picture, I assumed mine were broken, so I threw them out.

Oh. This one.

I don't even care anymore. For 10 Grand, I'd show the inner workings of my downstairs. I'd let the camera get right up in front and snap away at the good stuff. I'd also know who to recommend to style and photograph my shoot. Joe Oppedisano, anyone?

I'd also know to take an Ativan or hook up with my good friend Mary Jane beforehand so that I didn't look so damn uptight.I bet that right before the shoot, someone told him that it's not women who subscribe to Playgirl.


  1. I know whay you mean, those waistbands do tend to curl a bit don't they?

    What about those men who sit crossed legged (a la Quentin Crisp)sipping patis in cafes.

    What drives me wild is seeing the hip bones shape down to form a V. Like an arrow pointing down.

  2. I agree with Mitzi. And this is just a helluva post. Very succinct.


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