Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mariah As A Slutty Nurse? I Did NOT See That Coming

Yes, it's a Mariah video, but it's too brilliantly bad not to post and rip apart.
Look for the epic WIN at 1:35 (and the attempt at a "save" at 1:44).
This video looks like it was filmed in 15 minutes. Srsly.

Oh, and MooMoo, about the ending of your's been done.
To death.

And it's really too bad for Nicki Minaj...I was kind of liking her.
Too bad her association with MC will make her a "never was."

Update: I was informed (by someone who wanted to stay anonymous-- you...yellowbellied, lilylivered...) that this video isn't even up on Mariah's site, so I guess I just "premiered" it here on The Lisp. I'm so proud.
Yippty-fucking-yahoo for me.

I need Ipecac.


  1. barfness, i think i got a yeast infection from this song.. every song of hers sounds the same and this one is just as bad..

  2. mmmm I dunno Kev. My crappy taste in music may be legendary...but not sure why this is so awful. Typlical Mimi, yes.....but isn't that redundant? (btw...girl needs to lose about 20-25 lbs...she still thinks she's a hot 20 yr old. just sayin).

  3. Does anyone but me think this looks like a bad Target commercial? lol


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