Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State Of The Union

Well, there you have it.

It will be interesting to see how the polls turn out tomorrow.

Obviously, I'm not going to break down the address since I'm sure everyone watched, but can I take a minute to discuss one thing?

Civil Rights. When he brought it up, I got a little chill. I thought here it comes, here it comes! He talked about the Iranian women and blah-de-blah, and then the magic words: Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The question of when is altogether different, but there's a comfort in hearing his reassurance. But then, nothing of marriage equality; nothing about Uganda's "Kill Bill." Disappointing, yes, but not discouraging.

As a Canadian, the goings-on of the USA has always been of important interest, being that We're. Right. Here.

I watched it on CNN which had some kind of live tie-in with Facebook, which I never want to see again. Take a look at some of the comments made (all spelling, punctuation etc, intact) during the address.

Can you tell the Dems from the Pugs?
  • Wow, lots of colors in the ties in the audience.
  • why's he wearing a red tie? he's a democrat! RETARD!
  • Liberals will be able to sleep tonite. They're getting lots of exercise standing and clapping for the lies
  • did he say the "white" thing to do?
  • Trade school is not a real education.
  • Are those salt & pepper shakers in front of Nancy?
  • Susan Herron looks like a hooker
  • No more fat kidsss
  • legalize marajuana
  • maureen, you're hott!
  • dont ask don't tell needs to stay right where it is.
  • put gays on the front lines without weapons
  • Military said Hell naw!!!!
Lourdes, save us.


  1. indeed. we should have invaded when the monkey was president

  2. I just think of how horrific things would be if the helicopter-hunting bitch and the old man got in. *SHUDDER*


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