Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crush du samedi

Blond, blue-eyed, boyish charm with a buff bod. This could describe a million guys out there who are "models."

Mike Churchill is all of these things, but he is so not your average male model. There are obvious gorgeous and sexy aspects about him, of course, but there's also this quiet, steamy confidence.

Papa like. In fact, I'm not normally fond of blonds, but Mike is fabulous! Naturally, I'm not the only one who thinks so; this New Jersey boy's picture is everywhere! It's next to impossible to locate an unseen or rare photograph. I think I got one, though. The last one (beside the bed) was taken just recently. And, is that a trick of the light or can I see his...

Anyway...he's been modelling for 5 years now and wants to "take it to the next level and land something big." I'm right here, baby.



  1. Damn, there IS something supersexified about him!

  2. Yeeeaaahhh.... I think that's just a "slow" look.

    I'm such a hater!

  3. beeeeeeautiful!! his next level should be gay porn!!!!

  4. cb: i told you so.

    emg: slow? OMG! you nasty!

    kyle: i know, right.

    jake: that's just the tip of the ...iceberg.

    java: i agree whole heartedly!


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