Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dirty Birdie Thursday

This will be the last DBT with any kind of fun cover ups. You know, the little faces and tweety birds and Charles Nelson Reillys that shield the eyes from any naughtiness. While I do enjoy creating them, we're not babies here, are we?

We're certainly no angels. That "naughtiness" is part of what makes us the magical creatures that we are!

With that said, it's time to bring on the dancing horses.

We bid ad-ewwwww to the cover ups and hello to the good stuffs by going out with a bang!

Or should I say "flequillo!"

Queers and queens, may I present Rafael Alencar.

Good evening, sir, would you care for some Choriço?

What's Salchicha? Well, it's a Brazilian/Portuguese sausage. couldn't hear me? Listen closely...


  1. Whew, for a while there I am thinking oh c'mon. I want to seeeeeee!

    Then I sawwww, and then I drooled!

  2. Good God!

    I do believe I have just died.

  3. Growing up in farm country I saw alot of the stable. I think he could qualify for a disability.

  4. I love peen as much as the next guy, but I have to say I'll miss your little Charles N R's so.

  5. SALSICHA! Ssalchicha is quite funny to say but does not mean a thing.

    But the very best would be to say Choriço: a typically Portuguese and Brazilian hard sausage.


  6. Can you still post pics of Charles Nelson Reilly?

  7. you guys are so funny!

    Fabulastic, I knew I could count on you to keep me in proper form!

    As for CNR...Oh, alright...I'll use him sparingly...and for effect!

  8. Now i know where the weapons of mass destruction are hidden!

  9. Good god!!! I wasn't prepared for that.


you better make this good.


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