Monday, February 22, 2010

If You Had Her Love?...

...then you would be one of the lucky few.

Poor Jenny has parted ways with her label, even though two (tragic and tepid) singles have been released from the forthcoming Love?, her 7th studio CD.

There are conflicting stories, though. One says that her contract with Sony Music Epic Records is up and their parting is amicable. The other is that there have been too many disagreements about who-knows-what about Love?.

Personally, I think that Sony ain't havin' any more of la poriqua's inability to snag the Golden Hoop earring that she once had such a firm grasp of.

The mucho "¡Oh, mierda!" about La Lopez' situashe is that Love? isn't even going to be released. It's been completely cancelled.

Love? really don't cost a thing.


  1. Did you say something? My God. I can't look away.


    Can't. Look. Away.

  2. I think she needs to forget the music career. It's over.

  3. Don't be fooled by the rockz that she's gotz. She's still Jenny from the block.

    Love the new look btw!

  4. That pic is just wrong. And while much of her early dance music was fun, it has been over for years. And the first single sucked, louboutins, the second one never heard...

    I think her music career is over, now lets see what happens with that lame-looking pregnancy movie...

  5. The ass in that pic needs some SERIOUS rehab. If that is her real ass, she needs to send some of the food that makes her this fat to some country that could use the food instead of it going to her ass.

    I sure hope I do not get tooo depressed over her split with Sony. All the problems in the world, we sure don't need something as silly as that adding to the world crisis.

  6. If that's her ass, then we have a new measurement system "Lopez Units". Like, OMG that ass is 1.5 LU's!!


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