Thursday, February 18, 2010

So How's Work?

Today is my third day back at work and while my team seems pleased with my return, the rest of my colleagues and manager are kinda making me the red headed stepchild.

Granted, there's a lot going on, what with a corporate visit and such, but how long does it take to pick up the phone and say, "Welcome back!"? Is it too much trouble to put a little enthusiasm behind an impromptu "Welcome Back" as you pass by someone on speakerphone? Bloody hell, I'll take a hastily scribbled fax, but nope.

This is my 8th year with my company. I've worked with the majority of these people since the beginning. The one I've worked the shortest with has been with the company for 3 years. Hello? I'm not new, here.

Perhaps it's because this is my third time back from sick leave, but that's beyond my control and it's just ridiculous to hold that against me.

Oh, I's 'cause I got so fat. That makes much more sense.


  1. Wecome back, honey. It's good to see you again.


    Those bastards.

  2. Selfish Bastards! Ignore them, well not completely.

    They are most likely angry for you taking sick time because they have had to pick up the slack or they are wondering when you are taking time off again.

    I've had a few people go on "stress leave" and I when they return I make sure I welcome them back and let them know they were missed.

    For some, it gets down right selfish and cold.

    Freakin' humans eh?

  3. i didn't know you were sick. are you ok?

    fuck the assholes. i just want you to be ok.

  4. Welcome back!!! I'll take you to lunch to celebrate.

  5. It's insecurity on their part. Be your fabulous self and kick corporate a@@!

  6. Wow... Such inconsiderate douchebags! It's sad that instead of taking the time to show you care for a fellow human being even when you don't know exactly what/if anythings wrong people just choose to take the asshole route and assume shit.

  7. Oh what a bunch of bafoons! Hang in there sunshine...I know you can read all there beads! xx

  8. Maybe your co workers do not like your attitude towards minorities, would you say 'the black step child' or 'the gay step child' no it's not appropriate.

  9. thanks everyone.

    stider, you are kidding, right? you have to be kidding. although maybe gingers should be given minority status.

  10. They're probably jealous and resent that YOU got to be out on sick leave. You see, that's how small-minded folk think.

    Welcome back, dear. You're looking good! But be careful - don't get too thin!! ;-)


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