Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Are Not What You Seem

After blogging for a few years now, I've seen a lot of the same images time and again. Even though we're all turned on by different kinds of guys, one thing is true...the gay apple doesn't fall far from the gay tree. This doesn't trouble me; I figure if I post a pic of some sexy beast and you post the same beast 3 months later (or 3 months prior) then obviously the beast is a Beast.

Sometimes, one discovers wee secrets and/or aliases of these Beasts. I'll explore this particular topic at a later date. I'm currently "researching" this phenom and plan to deliver a FULL report.

Take, for instance, this image:

Tell me you haven't seen it "out and about." I dare you! I remember posting this young buck on the original ShirleyHeezgay! site! When you look at it, what do you imagine? I'll tell you what I picture:

Young, tanned (possibly homo) and buff guy with boyish charm. Cute, shy-ish with a body for sin. Perhaps soft spoken at times, but often boisterous among close friends and lovers.

Did you know his name is Anthony? Or sometimes it's Antonio? Did you know that "Anthony" is one deviant mutha-fucka?

It was only 54 seconds, but tell me you're not either deathly afraid of him, or madly in love with him. It's completely up to you if you want to explore this hot mess further. You have all the information you need. Oh, except maybe for this....(Link is NSFW)

You're welcome.


  1. Sounds like your talking in a nutshell that people are not what they appear to be. I have had enough experience in my life that as sad as this is to say - I think most people are not necessarily who they seem - and you'd be surprised what people do in their private lives and behind closed doors.

  2. all i can do is giggle. he's too funny.

  3. That guy in the video is hot. I bet he's a big ol bottom in real life.

  4. You can always mute the sound and just watch him, you know. ;-)


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