Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday's Yesterday's Child...

...appears to have been playing hooky.

My flipper(s) was(were) prepped days ago and shackled to the Scheduled file.

Naturally, I'm aghast at this failure in technology and completely stunned that such a SNAFU ever could have happened. But it did. I'm here to tell you.

Your first flipper is blogger Alexander from Voenix Rising, snapped by his big n' burly b/f. Alexander is usually (not really) so reserved (yeah, right!) and low key (pfft!). Please welcome our Guest Flipper this week...

I wonder whatever could have compelled him to give us a flip?
Thanks Tall Bubba for sending that in!

...and now, from some random place in the blogsphere...

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you better make this good.


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