Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Say ____, You Think ______.


Someone you know is asking for your advice about scoring a new career. We all know that the best careers are based on the things that interest us the most . So, then they said they like/love:
  • music
  • fashion
  • food and wine
  • arts & entertainment
  • design & decor
  • activism
  • gay porn
  • literature
  • film and theatre
  • the LGBT community
  • celebrity
  • supporting mental illness
  • supporting HIV/AIDS education and awareness.
What would you suggest? SRSLY....We're actually asking here.


  1. As a clinical depressive - i suggest mental health. Not enough being done on mental health in the gay community.

  2. A PR rep for like a really famous gay celebrity, like Ellen, or NPH?

  3. They want to be a professional queer? Let me know how that works out.

  4. I'm with mrpeenee... Also, is this Perez Hilton's resume?

  5. I would think that the quickest way to a new job would be to combine the things that you feel most passionately about, then, when you've got those, try to expand into your next area of joy.

    Literature/music: critic, notes for CD cases, blurbs for concerts, etc.

    Fashion/porn: no, these are NOT mutually exclusive. Come to San Francisco. There are always people needed.

    LGBT Community/Theatre/mental illness: Well, that's it's own demon. ;) Just kidding. Have you ever directed? Considered trying to put on a show about a mentally ill queer person at an LGBT center?

    The things about all of these interests is that they:
    a.) seem to need a degree
    b.) really only genius.

    Without one of those two things, most people find it useful to do what you're doing right now: work your contacts. You need a strong network with an "in"

    Gays have helped each other for generations. Do you know *anyone* who needs help with any of these things? If you feel like you can learn more before you're pro, then offer your services at first for free, then, when you're FIERCE, make it happen.

    I worked for so long for nothing just doing what I love, pouring my heart into that, and having a job I hated to make ends meet. Understand that to make a dream happen, you're going to need more energy and more self-belief than you ever thought possible. But you can do it.


  6. That combination of passions makes me think that event planning would be a good career move. Perhaps specializing in gay weddings and/or events for LGBT organizations?

  7. Hmmm...I'm thinking Dancer in DC there ^ is onto something.

  8. damien: good suggestion! I agree!

    peenee: i don't think a really gay celebrity wants l'il ol' me to rep them. besides...i might be the one leaking to the press!

    emg: no, this isn't PH's resume. if it were, all it would say is "self-important starfucker."

    hobbit: thank you for such a thoughtful answer. do you need a PA?

    dancer: also another great suggestion and one that is of great interest!

    jason: great minds...

  9. oops, my bad.

    it was sexy beast who suggested the pr guy...i think this little fuck up takes care of my amazing attention to detail.

    as for peenee and emg...nobody can be a professional queer except maybe for Richard Simmons.


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