Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When I Was At The End Of My Rope, I Asked My Lispers, What Shall I Be?

Thanks to the peeps who have taken the time to respond to this post.

So far, we've got the following suggestions:

  • Mental Health in the LGBT community
  • Event Coordinator for the LGBT community
  • PR Agent for a famous member of the LGBT community
  • Theatre Director specifically: put on a show about a mentally ill queer person at an LGBT center?
  • Fashion/Porn (presumably just in the GB community)
  • Music Reviewer/Writer
Still looking for great suggestions. Especially, since my boss told me that she thinks "I'm going to fail."



  1. um did someone really say MENTALHEALTH? negro, please.

  2. What a bitch boss....should I slap her?

  3. You WILL fail if you give credence to the bile spewing from your bosses mouth. Clearly she has not been been exposed to the vast realm of your exceptional talents. Pity and forgive her for her ignorance.
    Atlanta, GA


you better make this good.


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