Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Time For Your Gift ~or~ I Got Some Ice Cream!

So, I reached out to my bff, Cazwell (we're like that ) after he tweeted the Amanda Lepore picture that I posted yesterday.

By the way, thanks to peenee and MJ, I'm now considering collagen and hormone injections. I digress.

Caz has himself a hot new summer track, Ice Cream Truck, and the pin in Amanda's hair is an Ice Cream Truck promo item...

Naturally, I thought it would be cool to get a bunch to give away to everybody (except peenee and MJ), and Caz did one better...

Just click on Cazwell and get your free ice cream treat!


  1. That damn Peenee started it.

  2. I thought you would like new lips.

  3. mj: don't make me stop this car.

    peenee: ...well...maybe i would...


you better make this good.


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