Friday, July 9, 2010

May The Best Queer Win!

Ah, Montreal. I have such fond memories of living there.

Shopping the boutiques on St. Laurent, frolicking in The Village, savouring a foie gras poutine at Au Pied Du Cochon...

How would you like to do these things AND be named the Queer Of The Year!! Just go to their site for details, and submit your video! Then, promote the shizz out of that thing! You could win a trip to Montreal, a Spa package, and a $3000 shopping spree along with the title of Queer of the Year.

The contest coincides perfectly with Montreal's gay pride festival, Divers/Cité.

If you've never been to Pride in Montreal, then you've simply GOT to go!

Now, back to the contest...Daniel Baylis, event host and blogger, said the contestants "...will be judged on five criteria — personality, talent, healthy lifestyle, sex appeal, and a sense of community. So the five competitions will each be aligned with those aspects."

You've got to hurry! The deadline is July 15th and I would just love to see a Lisp reader score the big prize!

Sidebar: I can think of at LEAST 20 of you who should totally enter this contest!! There's only 4 entrants so far so your odds are really KICK-ASS (although one of them is cute as hay-ell)! If you enter, I promise to vote!

Start your iPhones, FlipVids and laptops... and may the And DON'T fuck it up!


  1. hhahah clealrly you got the same email i did

  2. dan seems to be making the gay blogger rounds.


    you should enter. Oh, wait. the community involvement might hamper your chances.

    what am I thinking? clearly, your founding of HELLywood is community service!

    i vote for J*O*E* as Queer of the Year!!

  3. And me too, as you know.

    And now we want to see your video, Shirl.

  4. MJ: not a chance! my sex appeal isn't even appealing to me. blech.


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