Monday, September 27, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 25 ~ Your Day In Great Detail

Wow! And what a day it was!

My day began at about 7:15 am, when a burning truck roared past my house. I wasted no time and chased after it immediately. I caught up to it and deftly hoisted myself onto the burning rig, making my way to the cab. All the while, this out of control monster was swinging me to and fro; brutally annihilating anything in its path. Finally, I made it to the passenger's side door, swung into the open window and landed beside the unconscious driver, who looked an awful lot like Leo Giamani. I maneuvered the truck to the side of the road, shut off the engine and immediately dragged Leo from the burning vehicle so that I could go to work on "Leo"--you know, with the life saving CPR.

Leo came to just as the sirens were rounding the corner. He looked longingly into my eyes and said, "You saved my life n' stuff!" I returned his gaze and said, "Yeah, I know." Then, I made a dash through the backyards of the Victorians that make up my neighbourhood.

I figured a quick stop at the new Starbucks for a tall Pike would definitely be a nice pick-me-up.

The rest of the day consisted of rescuing kitties from treetops, catching bank-robbers and dodging Trent Davis' phone calls. He heard from Leo about the daring rescue mission and was immediately smitten.

Busy, busy day.


No...I spent the rainy day indoors, nursing my tendinitis riddled right foot. I watched Judge Judy, and had a couple naps. Woke up to make some soup and watch Intervention, The Event and Hoarders.


  1. You are funny, I like that. Your day seems alot like mine, well sorta.
    Anyway I do like your blog and put a link to my blog, hope that's okay.
    Hope tomorrow is just as thrilling :)

    plez visit when you have some free time. Good evening to you.

  2. love the ass shot! one of my faves!! MMMMMM


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