Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peace Out

Tony Curtis

(June 3, 1925 – September 29, 2010)

"Way up high, Sam, where it's always balmy. Where no one snaps his fingers and says, "Hey, Shrimp, rack the balls!" Or, "Hey, mouse, mouse, go out and buy me a pack of butts." I don't want tips from the kitty. I'm in the big game with the big players. My experience I can give you in a nutshell, and I didn't dream it in a dream, either. Dog Eat Dog. In brief, from now on, the best of everything is good enough for me. "

~as Sidney Falco, Sweet Smell Of Success


  1. Hadn't heard he had died. All the great ones are slipping away too fast.

  2. he was a handsome devil too..RIP Tony


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