Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 30 ~ Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

...and here we are, at Day 30 of the Thirty Day Blogger Challenge. Sure, it took me 60 days to do it, but I did it, dagnabit!!

Day 30 is a "whatever tickles my fancy" post and since we're at the end of this little meme, I thought I'd reward ALL of us with some ends that I'd fancy a tickle with!!


  1. Enormous congratulations. I Certainly couldn't have slogged through this, plus plenty of the posts were brilliant.

  2. awww, thanks peenee!

    i think the secret is to pace yourself. oh, and to sprinkle some just mediocre posts amongst the brilliant ones. ;)

  3. Oh damn... why did I check your blog just before going to bed. Those pictures are going to distract me and keep me up past my bed time.

  4. Congratulations on actually making it to the end. You did much better than I did.

  5. Oh, wait. Did I say "plenty were brilliant"? I meant, of course, to say all were fabulous and plenty were earth-shakingly genius, bringing tears to my eyes and wood to my pants.


you better make this good.


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